“Vincent Cinque, the actor playing Harry Houdini, is such an amazing actor. He’s only 25, but he blows my mind with his skill. I make him the star of every show I do now. I added him on as the director, too … I would have been lost without him…”

- Cynthia von Buhler (on working with Vincent), Comic-Con Interview


“…in the auditorium where Houdini (director Vincent Cinque, oozing with masculine, Eastern European charisma) performs his famous escape from a locked tank filled with water.” — Broadway World, Michael Dale

“The charming lothario Houdini is convincingly played by Vincent Cinque” — Black Book, Robyn Dutra


"John Guerrieri (Vincent Cinque), Italian barber and neighbor to the Spanos, offers the best haircuts in town. Cinque has so fully immersed himself into the role that he is indistinguishable from Guerrieri, who becomes an integral reason for the gathering when the audience witnesses his felonious assault of Frank Spano. It speaks to the honest intensity of Cinque that many showgoers were willing to lie for him, albeit their witness of his crime."

-- Elizabeth Glasure, New York Theatre Guide Review, on Speakeasy Dollhouse: The Bloody Beginning


"...the evenings charismatic ringleader..."

-- Victoria Ordin, Broadway World Review, on Vincent as Pig King in The Illuminati Ball


"Vincent Cinque is wise beyond his years in his journey from literal star-crossed lover to contented companion."

--Elizabeth Glasure, New York Theatre Guide Review, on And Then...A Science Fiction Folk Event at the NY Fringe Festival